EastEnders: Martin lured into a trap by newcomer Hayley? And is she a secret Slater?

Is Stacey masterminding the plan - or could somebody else be responsible?

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Is EastEnders favourite Martin Fowler being set up for a fall thanks to the machinations of Walford newcomer Hayley?


Friday’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw the mysterious Hayley (played by Fish Tank actress Katie Jarvis) lurking on the Square and surreptitiously taking photos of Martin as he rowed with wife Stacey.

The cliffhanger scene then saw her phone her contact and tell them that she knew exactly what she had to do next. So what does she have in mind for Martin? And who was she calling?

With Stacey having manufactured the showdown with a lie that she was planning on taking her kids to Brighton, she has to be the prime suspect. Perhaps Stacey wants to paint Martin in the worst possible light should the two of them end up divorcing?

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Then there’s the imminent return of Kat, Jean and Big Mo Slater to Walford: maybe they’re scheming behind the scenes to make sure that Stacey gets the upper hand in her increasingly acrimonious battle with Martin?

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And let’s not forget what show boss John Yorke said when he announced that Jessie Wallace would be making a comeback to EastEnders: “She comes with Jean, Big Mo and another yet to be revealed Slater reuniting to sort Stacey out once and for all.”

ANOTHER Slater, eh? One with the first name of Hayley, maybe? We certainly wouldn’t put it past EastEnders to spring this surprise on us: after all, Hayley’s surname was conspicuously absent from tonight’s episode. Hopefully, she’ll turn out to be a hitherto unseen member of one of E20’s most famous clans.

We look forward to finding out more…

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