Hollyoaks: Grace accuses Ellie of sleeping with Glenn!

Sophie Porley reveals whether her character is guilty of the gangster girl's guy…


Hollyoaks’ Grace Black is on the warpath next week as she suspects gangster boyfriend Glenn Donovan of cheating on her – and ends up attacking the wrong woman!


The fiery couple are trying to make each other jealous, but when Glenn catches Cindy Cunningham’s eye the maneating minx has no idea she’s just bagged scary Grace Black’s boyfriend.

Fearing reprisals, she offers to help Grace find out who Glenn’s bit on the side is, hoping to deflect the attention away from her – but when Grace accuses innocent Ellie Nightingale and things get vicious, will guilty Cindy confess? We caught up with Sophie Porley, who plays Ellie, to find out if she survives her showdown with the bolshy blonde…


How does Grace end up thinking Ellie is having an affair with Glenn?

It’s very unfortunate for Ellie that she and Cindy happen to have the same blue coat! Grace knows  someone with this particular coat has slept with Glenn and poor Ellie gets the blame.

Is Ellie scared when she learns Grace is after her?

Ellie is completely the innocent party here, its a mix-up. She has no idea Grace is out to get her until it’s too late and Grace is pushing her down a flight of steps in the village.


What is going through Ellie’s head when Grace dangles her at the top of the steps?

Absolute panic and horror. She is so confused and frightened, Ellie just isn’t a fighter.

Is she already scared of Grace and her fierce reputation?

Not particularly, in the past Grace has shown a warm side to Ellie and never given her a reason to be frightened of her.


Did you enjoy filming the fight scenes with Tamara Wall (Grace)?

Tam is great fun to film with. I’m quite boisterous and don’t mind if I get a bit hurt during a screen fight, but Tam was very careful not to actually push me off the top step!

Ellie is still hiding the fact she pushed her dad out the window, how long do you think she’ll be able to keep that secret? 

Ellie is in complete denial and is trying to carry on  like it never happened. But the more people find out the more chance she has of being caught!

Would you like Sami and Ellie to rekindle their romance?

Definitely. Ellie is so confused by his feelings, it’s very hot and cold. But she loves a bad boy so I think this might not be the end for the two of them.


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.