EastEnders: Aidan targets Mick next week as he hunts out heist money

Is Mr Carter in danger from the angry gangster?


The fallout of the failed robbery continues to dominate the action in EastEnders next week as Aidan Maguire vows to expose who betrayed him and took the cash – and turns his attentions to Mick Carter.


Aidan’s crew start to turn on each other as tensions increase, with no one owning up and the dosh having seemingly disappeared into thin air.

The menacing Mr Maguire reckons Mick knows more than he’s letting on, but has Aidan got the wrong man? The enigmatic Irishman also has Vincent Hubbard in his sights in next week’s episodes as he stages a break-in at The Albert to mess with his old enemy’s mind.

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But that’s got more to do with their pre-existing feud over Vincent’s days as a police informant, and Aidan still seems to be targeting the beleaguered Mr Carter.

Everyone knows how desperate Mick was to raise the cash to save his beloved Queen Vic, and in recent episodes the publican showed his angry side when he stood up to Aidan and accused him of hiding the dough before distancing himself from the gang.

But is Mick really capable of pulling off such a dangerous move as stealing the heist haul?

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Meanwhile, as Aidan shares his suspicions with ex-cellmate Phil Mitchell, impatient Mr Maguire takes matters into his own hands and goes to extreme lengths to track down his money.

But will he get the answers he wants? Is Mick a sitting duck? And will viewers finally learn what happened to the loot?

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