EastEnders: Mo and Jean to return with Kat – but is Alfie dead?

A trio of Slater women are making a comeback - but Shane Richie isn't reprising the role of Alfie


Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) and Big Mo (Laila Morse) are set to return to EastEnders in 2018 alongside Kat – but the BBC1 soap is NOT bringing back Alfie.


Kat was last seen fighting for her life in the Irish Sea in spin-off series Redwater, but appears to have survived her ordeal. However, with neither her children nor Alfie (Shane Richie) in tow when she makes her comeback to Albert Square, something has clearly gone terribly wrong.

Has Kat’s husband lost his life after flatlining on the operating table in the Redwater cliffhanger?

Speaking about the return of his trio of Walford women, EastEnders’s executive consultant John Yorke said tonight:

“The Slaters are one of the all-time great families in EastEnders and Albert Square has never felt quite the same since they scattered to different ends of the country, and in some cases beyond.

“It has been a real joy to find a way to bring them back together and we’re incredibly excited about where we are taking them next. It won’t just be familiar Slaters either as there are a couple of twists and characters to add fresh spice to an iconic creation.”


Jessie Wallace – who plays Kat – added: “I am thrilled to be returning to EastEnders next year and knowing what John Yorke has in store for the Slaters is incredibly exciting. I love Kat and Walford dearly and I cannot wait to get started – watch out Walford Kat’s coming home.”

Back in October, Shane Richie appeared adamant that Alfie was still in the land of the living, when he commented: “Thankfully, Kat and Alfie are not dead. That’s as much as I know.” But is the actor and singer up to date with the soap’s upcoming plotlines? All will be revealed in spring next year.

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