Neighbours EXCLUSIVE: who killed Hamish Roche? The suspects line up

We take a look at the potential killers - including the garden gnome!


Neighbours’ murder mystery is in full swing as the investigation into who killed Hamish Roche ramps up. Tyler Brennan’s biological father was found face down in the Cannings’ hot tub last week after making enemies of half of Erinsborough, so there’s no shortage of suspects – and now the hunt is on for his killer.


In new exclusive images released by the show, the final seven potential slayers – along with possible murder weapon Sheila’s garden gnome – are shown lining up ahead of some dramatic twists in the plot in the coming weeks. So who’s looking guilty as Ramsay Street reels from the villain’s grisly demise?

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Tyler Brennan

Discovering the late Russell Brennan wasn’t his biological father was a bombshell for sensitive Ty, but when he met real dad Hamish Roche he was thrilled as they started to bond. It soon emerged horrid Hamish was manipulating his way into his son’s life and trying to isolate him from his family so he could con him into helping him escape the country having got himself into some serious financial bother. During a showdown at the Cannings’ Tyler whacked his dad over the head with the gnome – he claims Hamish was conscious when he left him, but could he be responsible for accidental murder? Read our exclusive chat with actor Travis Burns for his take on the case.

Fay Brennan

Blaming herself for bringing ex-lover Hamish into her family’s life in the first place by telling Tyler about his true paternity, Brennan mama Fay could have flipped as it transpired the rotten Mr Roche may have played a part in former husband Russell’s recent death. Did her maternal instincts kick in and push her to ensure Hamish never hurt any of her children again?

Mark Brennan

Protective big brother Mark was on a mission to prove Hamish was a wrong’un and unearthed a string of suspicious antics that suggested he didn’t exactly have Tyler’s best interests at heart. Add that to the fact he could’ve killed Mark’s dad Russell, and that next week he deliberately tampers with evidence by wiping the prints off the gnome – could the copper have turned corrupt to cover his own tracks?

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Amy Williams

Ames was one angry lady when Hamish pulled out of financing her wellness centre and faced bankruptcy and a ruined reputation. Was it enough to drive her to cold-blooded murder? This week she’s caught out at having lied about her where she was at the time of death, plus she’s the spawn of poisonous Paul Robinson so can we really discount her?

Louise McLeod

Hamish’s ex-lover followed him to Erinsborough and ended up desperate for revenge on the man who led her on, stole her life savings and convinced her to bump off Russell so he could commit tax fraud. Drugged by Hamish when she threatened to expose him, Louise ended up in a coma and awoke shortly before he was found floating in the spa. The Brennans think she did it, but would that be too obvious?

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Sheila Canning

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – especially when that woman is Ramsay Street battleaxe Sheila who discovered lover Hamish was cheating on her having promised exotic holidays and happy endings. We know she’s got a temper, so could jealousy and heartbreak have driven the gossip-mongering granny into committing a gruesome crime?

Gary Canning 

Ex-con Gary was hardly Hamish’s biggest fan after what he did to his beloved mummy, and the fact the death occurred in his backyard can’t be ignored. Gazza also had every opportunity to ensure the crime scene was clean of evidence – he’s a convicted criminal with a solid motive to defend his family’s honour, so could Mr Canning be heading back to prison if it turns out he’s the killer?


Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.