EastEnders: Max to ruin Willmott-Brown’s plan?

Is Max set to readjust his moral compass in next week's episodes?


Is Max Branning’s conscience about to get the better of him? Despite the EastEnders evildoer having recently ill-used Carmel and seen nothing wrong with abandoning Jane to die in a burning building, it seems that Max’s sense of guilt will grow in the weeks ahead.


Upcoming episodes of the BBC1 soap will see Max continue to manipulate Carmel into getting him insider information from the local council, only to then feel shamefaced about his duplicity.

Scenes to be shown on Tuesday 24 October will see Max waiver further when he reveals that he’s breaking up with Carmel out of fear that she’ll be caught in the crossfire if he continues to hoodwink her.

Fi, though, does her best to talk Max round and – in the end – he does go in search of classified information about some sealed bids from Carmel’s laptop.


But Max will soon realise that he no longer wants to do the bidding of Grafton Hill and Weyland & Co  – Thursday’s episode sees him telling Willmott-Brown that he’s backing out because he doesn’t want to get Carmel in trouble.

Following the showdown, Fi secretly applauds Max for standing up to her dad, but whose side is she really on? And what will happen when Willmott-Brown ends up confronting Max and Fi about their illicit relationship?


Is the moment when Max rebels about realises where his loyalties truly lie? And should he really be putting his trust in Fi?

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