EastEnders: Bobby Beale returns – as Max threatens his life!

Lucy's killer made a surprise comeback in Tuesday's episode of the BBC1 soap

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Bobby Beale (Eliot Carrington) has been glimpsed on screen during tonight’s EastEnders for the first time in over a year.


The character was handed a custodial sentence in June 2016 after being found guilty of the unlawful killing of his half-sister Lucy and hasn’t been featured since dad Ian told him he had to accept his punishment.

Now, Bobby has been seen in mobile-phone footage captured in his cell – although the sight wasn’t a welcome one for concerned mum Jane.

Scenes just shown saw it revealed that manipulative Max (Jake Wood) has been sent the video of Bobby, who appears to be being intimidated by a fellow prisoner while serving his sentence.

Max then showed the clip to Jane (Laurie Brett), intimating that harm would come to Bobby if she doesn’t comply with his demand for her to leave town.

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As viewers saw in Tuesday’s episode of the BBC1 soap, Max wanted the Beales to quit Walford out of fear that Jane would reveal all about his vendetta against the residents of the Square.

But during a talking-to by Weyland boss James Willmott-Brown, Max was told that Ian had to remain where he was because he’s a useful pawn in his masterplan.

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Thursday’s EastEnders will now see Jane break the news to Ian that she’s leaving on her own. But how will he take the news? And will Jane manage to explain why she’s walking out on their marriage?

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