EastEnders: has Linda Carter’s cancer returned?

Mick was left with bombshell news to digest in tonight's episode

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Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) has been left reeling on tonight’s EastEnders after being told by wife Linda (Kellie Bright) that she had cancer – and that it could be back.


Up until this moment, Mick has been kept in the dark by Linda out of fear that the bombshell could ruin their relationship, which has only just begun to heal following the pub landlord’s admission that he’d been harbouring feelings for Whitney.

But now, after Linda grew worried that the symptoms she had before she was diagnosed had returned, she was left with little choice but to admit the truth.

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Tuesday’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw Linda tell confidante Woody that there was a five-week wait for an appointment at the hospital.

Later on, Mick – having noticed that Linda was acting strangely – realised that his missus was unwell.

The cliffhanger moment then saw Linda reveal the truth, leaving Mick stunned as the credits rolled.

The next episode of EastEnders will see Mick struggling to process Linda’s bombshell, but instinctively realising the he needs to get her to a doctor as quickly as possible.

But fresh drama comes when the Carters return from the hospital and Mick works out that Woody knew all along that Linda had been feeling unwell. Cue a massive falling out for the pair…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below. Beneath that, there’s a review of the past week in Walford.


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