Emmerdale: what was Ross doing on the viaduct where Emma died?

Did he witness more than we think he did?

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A big question mark is hanging over the whereabouts of Emmerdale’s Ross Barton at the time of his mum Emma’s fall from the Hotton viaduct in tonight’s episode.


Friday’s cliffhanger revealed that Ross was on the scene in what seemed to be the immediate aftermath of Emma’s fatal plunge.

Racing to the path where her body lay, Ross was seen making sure that it really was his own mother lying motionless on the ground before haring off the way he’d come.

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How much Ross actually witnessed remains a mystery, although he did seemed filled with recrimination when Pete expressed regret that nobody had been around to talk Emma down.

So did Ross attempt to pull Emma back from the brink? Had he been encouraging her to end it all? Was he simply too late on the scene to have made any difference? Or could there be another reason for him being in the vicinity?

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No doubt Emmerdale will reveal more in upcoming episodes – but with Ross now seemingly at the centre of events, you can bet there’s more to the tale than meets the eye…

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