Hollyoaks: Darren’s jail hell puts his family in danger

Aggro behind bars has repercussions on the outside for the Osbornes

EP 4744 DARREN 06

Darren Osborne is targeted by fellow inmates in prison next week for grassing up drug dealer Shane Sweeney, and fears there could be serious consequences for his family. Will his kids pay the price for his actions?


Having blabbed all about his dodgy dabbling in drug dealing to the cops, Darren is serving a six-month jail sentence and the fact he blew the whistle on his criminal cohort Shane (who is still missing after evading capture) has not gone down well with his cellmates.

Begging wife Nancy not to bring Charlie and Oscar on visiting day as it could be too dangerous for them, the kids are upset at not being able to see their beloved Dazzle. So with his heart in the right place, and completely unaware of the potential risks, Tom secretly plans to take the boys to see him without Nancy’s knowledge.

EP 4744 DARREN 03

Darren is certainly surprised when they turn up, but not for the right reasons. When his prison enemies realise Daz has young kids in his care he worries they’ll use this against him and potentially endanger his family – and when one of the inmates makes a threatening approach to Charlie it appears Darren was right to be fearful.

EP 4744 DARREN 01

Has Tom unwittingly put the family’s safety in jeopardy? Could the inmates find a way to use their contacts to put the frighteners on the Osborne kids? Will they make life even more difficult for Darren during his spell inside?

It appears Darren being sent down won’t mean a holiday for actor Ashley Taylor Dawson, as the Osbornes begin a gripping new plot as a result of the prison sentence…


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