Emmerdale: has Robert Sugden killed Liv Flaherty?

Robron drama next week when Aaron's sister is an accidental victim of Mr Sugden's scheming


Liv Flaherty is left fighting for her life in next week’s Emmerdale when she interferes with Robert Sugden’s scheme to bring down Lawrence White and ends up drugged and unconscious in a ditch.


Seething with the slippery Sugden at breaking her brother Aaron Dingle’s heart and getting Rebecca White pregnant, livid Liv lays into Rob up at Home Farm when she confronts him about his behaviour.

Spitefully telling Rebecca that Robert doesn’t care about her or the baby, Liv causes a scene and is sent packing by raging Rob – who doesn’t see her stealing his car keys and a bottle of brandy.

After the showdown Liv swigs from the bottle and promptly passes out in a ditch on the side of the road, and is later found by a frantic Robert when he realises his car has gone missing.


As unconscious Liv is rushed to hospital, and remorseful Robert is forced to admit the teen has swallowed diazepam as well as brandy as she’d swiped the drugged booze intended to poison Rob’s arch-enemy Lawrence. When anxious Aaron arrives on the scene he’s horrified as Robert reveals what he’s done and threatens to kill his ex-lover if Liv doesn’t pull through.


With Robron at odds yet again, Robert turns to Rebecca (yet again…) and assures her she and the baby are his priority, with Ms White offering support to Robert through the crisis with Liv.

Canny Lachlan, meanwhile, is concerned at his auntie’s closeness to Robert and believes he’s just trying to worm his way back into the business. And it’s soon clear Lucky’s right to be worried as later in the week Robert takes his plan a stage further…

What is Robert up to now? And will Liv survive being drugged?


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