Emmerdale: Emma crumbles after showdown with Laurel – will she confess?

Will the murdering Mrs Barton be manipulated into admitting her crimes?


Emmerdale’s evil Emma Barton is unnerved next week after a visit from Laurel Thomas, ending in the murdering mum breaking down in tears to son Ross. Has she been manipulated into confessing she killed James? 


Laurel is convinced Emma had something to do with James’s death having seen her sick manipulation of late husband Ashley in recently-unearthed video footage from last year. 

But cunning Emma has been one step ahead of her accuser – although that could be about to change. 


Frustrated at being ignored by the rest of the village that Emma is not to be trusted, and with the nasty nurse painting her as the unstable one, Laurel tries a different tactic in next week’s episodes.

Visiting her nemesis, she is surprisingly apologetic and agrees to drop her public vendetta – and calmly says she and Emma both know what really happened… Cleverly playing the religious card to god-fearing Emma, Laurel pricks Mrs B’s guilty conscience by saying only the man upstairs can judge her – knowing this could be the way to force a confession out of her…

Ross overhears the testy exchange and is suspicious when his mother makes an implicating remark before breaking down in tears to her son. Could the truth about what happened on that bridge be exposed at last?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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