Coronation Street: Craig reveals his love for Bethany

Craig's mum Beth worked out the truth in tonight's episode


Coronation Street’s Craig has confessed to being in love with Bethany – but he hasn’t yet told the girl herself. Instead, he admitted the truth to his mum Beth after she started to quiz him about his feelings.


Tonight’s Corrie saw Craig swear Beth to secrecy after she worked out that he’d fallen for the vulnerable teen. But will the lovable Special Constable now be able to summon up the courage to tell Bethany?


After all, Craig is currently held in very high esteem by Bethany, having ensured that his superior officer Neil was busted for being groomer Nathan’s predatory co-conspirator.

Friday’s double bill saw Craig get the better of Neil by recording a conversation in which he threatened Bethany’s wellbeing should his crimes be revealed.

However, Craig’s methods could well have jeopardised his career – DC Leigh having told him that his job might be at risk thanks to the entrapment.


Bethany, of course, feels terrible that Craig’s future on the force could be in doubt. But does she have any suspicions that he’d like to be more than just friends with her? Only time will tell…

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