Home and Away: baby Luc fights for her life – will she survive?

Dr Tori is forced to perform emergency surgery as the family await news


Summer Bay’s baby Luc Patterson will be left fighting for her life in upcoming episodes of Home and Away when the tot’s health takes a worrying turn while on a camping trip. 


Ash and girlfriend Kat Chapman think getting away from it all will help repair their rocky relationship which has been shaky since Ash took custody of niece Luc following the death of her mum – and Ash’s sister – Billie.

But the couple panic when they can’t wake the kid one morning, so they make an immediate emergency dash back to the Bay to get her to hospital as soon as they can.

As they hit the road, Kat calls ahead to describe Luc’s symptoms to Dr Tori Morgan but the situation intensifies when the little girl starts having a seizure in the car.


Once they’re finally on the ward, with sort-of-stepgran Leah Patterson-Baker having rushed there, Tori swings into action and runs some tests which reveal Luc has a serious bowel problem and needs emergency surgery.

However, they must wait for a specialist paediatric surgeon to become available to perform the procedure – and they’re tied up at another hospital…


With Luc deteriorating by the second, Tori takes decisive action and says she will have to take the risk and do the operation herself – or else the baby could die.

Dr Morgan manages to remove a blockage but the paediatric surgeon arrives just in time to finish up. After the op, Ash and the family are told that the next few hours are critical and to prepare themselves for the possibility Luc may not make it as doctors put her in an induced coma.


The ordeal hits the residents of the Bay hard – Tori will blame herself if anything happens to Luc that she didn’t do enough to help her, VJ regrets handing his stepdaughter over and not fighting to keep custody, while Kat struggles with her lack of maternal instinct as Ash’s bond with the bubba deepens.

Can they survive as a couple if Kat can’ hack being a parent? Will VJ and Leah want to fight to get Luc back? More importantly, will Luc pull through?  

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 July on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.