EastEnders: Dave the cat’s fate is revealed…

Don't worry, he's alive - although it turns out he's not actually Dot's...


For those of you upset about the gruesome scene’s in last night’s EastEnders that suggested Dot Branning’s beloved moggy Dave had met a nasty end when a rotting cat corpse was discovered in a bin, fear not – tonight’s episode revealed he’s still got some of his nine lives left when he apparently turned up at the hospital unscathed. But there was a further twist in store regarding the feline’s fate… 


Social media exploded with horror yesterday when Robbie found a dead cat in a wheelie bin and feared it was his stepgran’s pet who had gone missing after Dot went into hospital following a serious fall. 


However, as Robbie and sister Sonia broke the news as gently as they could of Dave’s demise to Dot, a nurse came in to deliver another twist to the cat-astrophic plot (pun very much intended, obviously): a black cat with a tag on its collar bearing Mrs Branning’s address had turned up at the hospital… Dave was alive! 


Barely sparing a thought for the poor pussy who had flies swarming around it in that wheelie bin (who’s cat was that? Perhaps it’s another of EastEnders’ slow-burning plots that will pay off in a few months’ time?), Dot vowed to co-operate with the doctors and do her physio so she could get home as soon as possible to be reunited with her pet. 

Meanwhile, back in the Vic, newcomer Joyce Murray spied the posters Robbie had put up appealing for information on the missing cat. Eyeing the photograph of the furry feline suspiciously, Joyce claimed to incredulous hubby Ted that ‘Dave’ was actually Lucky – their cat who had gone missing months ago, before they moved to Albert Square… 


Can it be true? Is Dave really a secret member of the Murray clan? Could there be cat wars coming between Dot and Joyce? 

The claws will be out… 

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