Did you spot all the geeky tech references hidden in the Silicon Valley season four opening titles?

There is a LOT going on in the Valley as executives leave Twitter on "golden parachutes" and little FBI trucks turn up to investigate fraud


How much detail can you fit into a show’s opening credits if they only last 10 seconds? Taking a look at the sequence for Silicon Valley, the answer is: ‘More than you could possibly take in’.


Luckily, YouTubers Shots Fired have broken down the HBO show’s lightning fast credits for season four – and there’s a whole world to explore. Take a look at this:

Now take a closer look. Which of these can you spot?

1. A blank building, which becomes Slack

2. Vine being thrown off the roof of Twitter

3. Little FBI trucks investigating Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes for fraud

4. Google transforming into its new holding company, Alphabet

5. Reddit, Pandora, LinkedIn, Pets.com, Yelp, Dropbox, eBay, Twitch, Android, Pinterest and Aol

6. Amazon’s delivery drone carrying a slice of pizza

7. Lyft and Uber colliding in mid-air, and – drifting further away – China’s ride-sharing app Didi Chuxing

8. The ever-stable and monolithic hp and Intel

9. Executives leaving Twitter on “golden parachutes”

10. Netscape being replaced by Chrome


11. The Airbnb hotel

12. Google’s YouTube colony

13. Facebook acquiring a bunch of other buildings/companies

14. Soylent, surrounded by portaloos for unfortunate customers

15. The ghostly spectre of Snapchat floating past Twitter and Facebook

16. Little self-driving cars mingling with RVs for native residents forced from their homes by high rents.

17. Apple’s futuristic campus


And in case you need a little help, here’s the full video with an explanation of all the little stories: