Neighbours: Paige and Mark’s shock kiss to be revealed in flashback

But is a romance with Elly also on the cards for the cute cop?


Neighbours is setting up a potential love triangle in the coming weeks as it’s revealed Mark Brennan and ex-girlfriend Paige Smith shared a secret kiss recently, but any hope of a romantic reunion for the pair is threatened as Mark starts spending more time with Elly Conway. 


Next Monday, the root of the recent tension between the former lovers is explained when it emerges Mark visited Paige during her trip away from Erinsborough to Queensland – and events took an unexpected turn. 

The old flames had a big heart-to-heart and discussed their relationship and the different directions life had taken them – caught up in the moment, Mark and Paige ended up kissing…

Back in present day Ramsay Street, Paige is trying her hardest to forget it ever happened and is preparing for her birthday party. The celebrations turn into an emotional roller coaster for the new mum when baby daddy Jack Callahan admits he still has feelings for her – only to be rejected by his ex, who reminds him he chose the church over her and it was the birth of their son Gabe, not his love for Paige, that made him ditch dog collar.

Jack is crushed, but Paige then gets another declaration of love from Mark who can’t shake the Queensland kiss. Telling him it’s too soon after losing Caitlin, not to mention all the weirdness with Sonya Rebecchi, Paige insists they are better off as friends. But is that what they both really want?

Later in the week, Elly quizzes Paige if she regrets how things ended with Mark, but Paige insists it’s all in the past. Offering her friend a wine tasting voucher at a vineyard she’s unable to use herself, Elly asks Mark to accompany her – and try as she might, Paige can’t conceal a tinge of jealousy.

Elly and Mark have a top day at the vineyard and it’s obvious they’ve got chemistry (or it could just be the wine talking…), but will they act on it? And is Paige destined to be alone?


Neighbours airs these scenes next week from Monday 3-Thursday 6 July, and continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.