Coronation Street: Phelan reveals his shock secret!

"We get to see new layers to this complex and sometimes deeply unpleasant character," says actor Connor McIntyre


Coronation Street’s Pat Phelan is to reveal that he believes probation officer Nicola to be his long-lost daughter.


Villainous Pat is to leave both Nicola and wife Eileen reeling when he drops the bombshell news in scenes to be shown next week.

Speaking about how these new-found family ties will impact on Phelan’s personality, actor Connor McIntyre says:

“One would hope that it brings his humanity to the forefront. This is a daughter from out of the blue, a hark back to a different time, so this father/daughter bond may eventually start to reflect back on him and that may also have a  profound impact on Eileen.

“We get to see those new dimensions – other layers to this complex and sometimes deeply unpleasant character but hopefully we may see he is human after all…”

The cliffhanger scene comes after Eileen starts to secretly fear that Phelan has another woman when she spots him getting into a car with Nicola.

Little does she realise that her husband has actually agreed to accompany Nicola and Seb to an ex-offender’s talk in Liverpool.

But Nicola’s suspicions will also be aroused after Phelan chooses the occasion to press for details about her parents, all of which leaves her feeling uncomfortable.

By the week’s end, Nicola has got it into her head that Phelan is stalking her, while Eileen engineers a showdown after she fails her driving test thanks to preoccupations about what Pat is up to.

Cue the surprise confession that could change Phelan’s family tree forever. As to whether Phelan and Nicola could now develop a proper bond, McIntyre adds:

“Yes, definitely. She’s very shrewd, so any shenanigans or sideways behaviour would not be tolerated. There are moments when you see that this is Pat Phelan’s daughter – there’s a bit of fire in his genetic code.

“He’s met his match but he takes some pride in it – he’ll be thinking, ‘that’s my girl’.”

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