Home and Away: drug addict Brody attacked after crime spree

A new face in Summer Bay means trouble for Mr Morgan


Brody Morgan’s descent into drug addiction has dangerous consequences in upcoming episodes of Home and Away as he goes on a crime spree to fund his habit and ends up knocked unconscious during a botched burglary.


Desperate for cash so he can score his next hit, the shady chef steals young Raffy’s necklace and attempts to sell it at the pawn shop. But when the owner offers a measly $10, Brody goes ballistic and grabs a bat! Smashing up the shop until he gets more money, Brody holds the shop to ransom – until he’s eventually chucked out and does a runner when he hears the sound of distant sirens…

Panicking, Brody flags down a female driver and orders her to drive him to safety. But his crazy behaviour terrifies the motorist and she gives her handbag to Brody and pleads with him to leave her alone.

Fleeing the scene, Brody is horrified he’s sunk to even lower depths and decides to track down the woman he carjacked and return her bag. Discovering her name is Scarlett Snow, and that she’s handily just moved to the Bay, he calls round to her house and is knocked unconscious!

Unsurprisingly, Scarlett is not happy to see Brody again so she smashes a vase over his head when he appears at her door. When Brody awakes he’s been tied up and Scarlett is about to call the police.

Begging her not to involve the law, Brody explains his life is in a total mess because of drugs but he wanted to return the bag as he knows he has to sort himself out. When he agrees to call his brother to come and rescue him and back up his story, Scarlett reluctantly decides not to get the cops. 

However, it’s yet another lie from Brody – as when his brother arrives it’s actually Brody’s dealer, Zannis pretending to be Morgan! Scarlett lets the lads leave with Brody promising to straighten himself out and apologising for what he put her through, but now he’s in debt once again to Zannis.

How will the dodgy drug dealer demand Brody makes this up to him? And will we be seeing more of the feisty Scarlett? 


Home and Away airs these scenes on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 June on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.