Coronation Street: Nick is rescued from the quicksand – so how does he leave?

Actor Ben Price is set to exit the ITV soap by the end of the week


Nick Tilsley has been rescued from the killer quicksand that threatened to claim his life, but Coronation Street fans still don’t know how the character will eventually leave the ITV soap.


Tonight’s episode saw Peter and Steve quickly launch a rescue attempt after discovering a rapidly sinking Nick. As Steve went off to alert the coast guard, Peter tried to keep Nick alive by encouraging him to fight for Leanne.

Just as Nick looked set to be pulled under, a rapid-response team arrived and pulled him to safety, much to the relief of Peter, who told Steve that he feared he was going to have to watch his long-time rival die.

A clip from Thursday’s episode saw Leanne tell Nick that the fact he nearly died changes everything between them, only for him to argue that she deserves more than him.

So will Nick end up scuppering a chance to reconcile with the love of his life? Is he set to exit and leave Leanne behind? Or might there be medical complications as a result of his recent ordeal?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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