Coronation Street: Daniel is revealed to be Ken’s attacker – actor Rob Mallard speaks out!

"Daniel wasn't trying to kill Ken off. I could understand why he was doing it, but it's whether people will now think Daniel is weird!"


Coronation Street has ended months of speculation by revealing that Daniel Osbourne was Ken Barlow’s attacker.


Despite Adam having been arrested for attempted murder, viewers tonight found that Daniel is the real perpetrator – although his family still remain in the dark about his guilt.

Actor Rob Mallard, though, today revealed that he knew Daniel was going to be the perpetrator at the time he signed up to the show last year: “I had a briefing from our series producer Kate Oates when I joined. I was the only one on the cast who knew, which made it better for me to play. Because when everyone started asking who did it, I did have a genuine secret to keep.”

The Corrie star is, though, keen for viewers not to think of Daniel is an archetypal soap villain: “I didn’t want it to be too sinister. You’ll see that it wasn’t premeditated and that it was a row that got out of control. It comes across very well in the script – Daniel wasn’t trying to kill Ken off. I could understand why he was doing it, but it’s whether people will now think Daniel is weird!”

Scenes just broadcast saw Adam arrested and Ken decide to go and stay with Daniel at his old lodgings to help redecorate. But before they left, Ken asked Daniel to bring along the poetry book he’d brought with him. 


Viewers then saw a nervous Daniel retrieve the book from under floorboards – revealing that it was covered in blood. As he traced Ken’s inscription into a new copy of the book, it dawned on fans that he had hit his dad over the head with the weighty tome before leaving him for dead.


Next week’s dramatic episodes (airing Monday to Friday at 9:00pm) will see an argument with Daniel leading to Ken remembering the fight they had at the top of the stairs – and as the red mist descends on Daniel, Ken will be left fearing for his life. So, will Daniel finish off what he started or can Ken raise the alarm and escape?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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