Neighbours: Paige Smith fights for life after dramatic birth scenes

It's Father Jack to the rescue, but will she and her new baby survive?


Neighbours is preparing a dramatic birth for Paige Smith’s baby, resulting in both mother and child fighting for their lives.


In next week’s epic episodes, heavily pregnant Paige is overwhelmed by impending motherhood and decides to get away from it all. Taking little sister Piper Willis and Susan Kennedy on a road trip, Paige plans to visit the countryside shack near the balloon crash site where it all began for her Jack so she can make peace with the past in order to get her head around her future.

But while she’s alone in the shack she unexpectedly goes into labour – which is worrying news as Paige’s bubba is breach and she’s already been told she’ll need a caesarean when the time comes, otherwise her baby could be in danger.

Piper and Susan start to panic as they wait in the car for Paige to return, unaware of the drama unfolding in the deserted shack. 

These exciting pictures show Paige eventually does deliver her child, and baby daddy Father Jack and ever-ready medic Dr Karl Kennedy are with her, but the new mum has passed out and is slumped in heroic Jack’s arms as they emerge from the shack. 

Later in the week Lauren Willis returns to Erinsborough to be with her daughter, and lays into Jack for letting Paige go off alone at such a late stage in her pregnancy, forcing the priest to question whether he’s really ready to be a parent. 

Will Paige and her baby survive their ordeal?


Neighbours airs these scenes on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 May on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.