Neighbours: crash drama sparks chaos – what happens next?

Today's big disaster kicks off a week of high drama in Erinsborough


Neighbours started the week with a bang as today’s episode ended with a dramatic crash at the hostel.


The show had teased the disaster with an explosive teaser trailer a few weeks ago, which showed lives would be on the line at Erinsborough Backpackers following a terrible accident. 

In the closing minutes of today’s instalment, the peace of the early Erinsborough morning was shattered when Amy Williams’s ute reversed at alarming speed into the building, causing carnage and devastating damage. David Tanaka had just woken up and was seemingly buried beneath the furniture and falling debris, while Piper Willis was in the path of the oncoming vehicle. 

The look ahead to tomorrow’s episode showed a preview of the aftermath of the crash, revealing David and Piper are both seriously injured, and also raising the question of just how this happened – with copper Mark Brennan vowing to find who was responsible. So was this really an accident, or an intentional act of destruction? 

Initial suspicion will fall on Amy as it was her ute involved in the smash, and she was shown sitting in the drivers’ seat in an agitated emotional state following a confrontation with Leo Tanaka shortly before the disaster. But Yashvi Rebecchi was also spotted hanging around, and lord only knows what state Sonya Rebecchi was in after she was last seen on the verge of hitting the bottle again.

Tellingly (and, we assume, very deliberately) we didn’t see who was behind the wheel when the vehicle was moving – suggesting we’re about to dive into a whole new ‘whodunit’ mystery. Or should that be a ‘who-drove-it’?


Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.