Emmerdale: Rhona reports her rape to the police – but will she name Pierce?

Is Rhona going to reveal the truth about the attack?


Emmerdale fans should be braced for further drama tonight when Rhona goes to the police following her rape by Pierce. But will she name her new husband as the man that attacked her?


Last night’s episode of the ITV soap saw newlywed Pierce sexually assault his bride on their wedding day as a blazing row reached a terrifying crescendo.

As the paranoid Pierce accused Rhona of playing him off against her ex Paddy, he lashed out and threw her to the floor before raping her.

Next, viewers will see Pierce try to make out that Rhona was asking for what happened to her before manipulating the truth of what occurred.


But it doesn’t seem as though Pierce’s mind games will work. Finally seeing her partner for what he really is, Rhona summons up the courage to go to the police. But will she reveal that the person who attacked her is the man she’s just married?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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