Neighbours: Paul plays dirty at the Erinsborough barbie bash!

Whose sausage will sizzle the most in next week's culinary showdown?


Get ready for hilarious hi-jinks in Neighbours next week at the Erinsborough Bonza Barbie Bash, as naughty Paul Robinson turns a fun family day out into an excuse to get one over on arch rival Gary Canning. Of course he does…


The event has been organised as a light-hearted promo opportunity for local businesses, where teams of two have to prepare a barbecue feast, but there’s a comedy catch – the couple have their hands tied together to make using the tongs deliberately tricky.

As Erinsborough’s eager entrepreneurs fire up the charcoal, the spirit of friendly competition threatens to turn personal and decidedly ugly as sworn enemies Paul and Gary square up over who’s sausage will cause a sizzling sensation.

Our pictures show Paul and his accomplice, Gary’s flighty ex Brooke, messing about with the rope that’s meant to keep their tongs tied – are they planning to sabotage the contest? Well, what did you expect from cheating Paul?

Elsewhere, there’s drama for Amy Williams when she spots Leo Tanaka getting flirty with another local at the barbie bash, and finds it all a bit too hot to handle. Amy’s jealousy causes her to spiral further into emotional despair following the recent reveal the pair are half siblings – which obviously put a stop to their burgeoning romance.

Later, Amy’s ute is involved in a horrific crash at the hostel, but did she have anything to do with it? 

But never mind the crash, what we all want to know is whether Paul and Brooke cheat their way to be crowned king and queen of the barbecue…


Catch this episode of Neighbours on Monday 1 May on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.