Hollyoaks: Nikki Sanderson on Maxine’s new discovery: “If Darcy is alive, where does that leave Adam and Maxine?”

Interview with the Hollyoaks star on Maxine’s search for Adam’s ex


Hollyoaks’ Maxine Minniver makes a breakthrough in her search for information on the disappearance of Darcy Wilde in tonight’s E4 episode – but ends up getting more than she bargained for.


Keen to find closure for fiancé Adam Donovan, determined Maxine has been digging for answers on what happened to his ex Darcy, who has been missing presumed dead since vanishing from a cruise ship five years ago. Believing this ghost from the past will forever haunt their future, Nikki Sanderson explains well-meaning Maxine hopes she can solve the case in order for her and Adam to move on. Although she may end up regretting raking it all up…

“Maxine is infatuated with finding out what happened to Darcy because she wants that chapter to be well and truly finished,” begins Sanderson. “Until they know for sure, there’s always a little bit of Darcy hanging in the background of Maxine and Adam’s relationship. She wants to get rid of that, so they can just focus on themselves and her daughter Minnie.”

Following an intriguing new lead, tonight Maxine tracks down a waitress called Rebecca who is believed to have details on Darcy – who it turns out could still be alive. Is Maxine nervous about what she’ll learn?

“If the tip-off is real and Darcy is still out there, then what will happen to Maxine and Adam? Maxine is nervous. She knows Darcy was the love of Adam’s life so she questions where it would leave her if Darcy did come back. Despite her nerves, curiosity killed the cat and she wants to know and get her own closure on this.”

Finding her new source of info at a café, Max is suspicious when Rebecca claims to then know nothing about Darcy. “I don’t think Maxine believes her and because of that she wants to dig further. She knows Rebecca is hiding something and comes away feeling there’s more information to be found.”

But a new twist develops back at home when Maxine makes a discovery: “She finds some newspaper cuttings Adam has kept hidden away, and they contain information that really sparks Maxine’s curiosity and she knows she has to return to the café and speak to Rebecca again. She wants to confirm what she now believes…”

In next week’s episodes Maxine prepares to confront Rebecca again, but when she returns to the café with Adam’s mum Tracey in tow the waitress is nowhere to be seen. Just as the ladies are about to leave Rebecca appears and Maxine tackles her with this new clue she discovered in the cutting – but what is it? Does Rebecca know more than she’s letting on? And the big question is, what if Darcy is still alive?

“Strangely I don’t think Maxine has really thought about the problems that could arise if Darcy was ever actually found,” muses Sanderson. “Obviously it would subconsciously be there in the back of her mind, but she doesn’t seem to be thinking too in depth about that because she’s so focused on getting Darcy out of Adam’s head.

“Maxine knows that potentially bringing Darcy back could cause problems and is nervous about that, but she’s more focused on getting rid of her than bringing her back.”

Living in Darcy’s shadow hasn’t been easy for Maxine, and Sanderson has her own views on how closure could be reached for her character. “The best outcome would be that if Darcy is dead then her and Adam can move forward together as a couple and become stronger and happier. But if she’s still alive and comes back, the ideal outcome would be that Adam gets final closure on her and it gives Adam and Maxine the push to move forward – knowing that Adam would choose Maxine over Darcy.”


Sweet but misguided Max thought she’d found her Prince Charming in the dashing Adam Donovan before the spectre of Darcy reared its head. “She has fallen for him hook, line and sinker,” says Sanderson. “He’s fantastic and has brought so much happiness to her and Minnie’s lives. She’s definitely thinking that he is the one.” Or at least she was, before she started poking her nose into his past…