Emmerdale: will Rakesh die following fight with kidnapper Jimmy?

Rakesh took a shock fall in dramatic scenes just broadcast on ITV


Has Jimmy King killed Rakesh Kotecha? It’s the question that all Emmerdale fans will be asking tonight following a dramatic cliffhanger that left Rakesh’s life hanging in the balance.


Shock scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap saw Jimmy revealed as Rakesh’s kidnapper – but events took a unexpected turn when the pair came to blows.

After Rakesh undid the rope that was keeping him bound to a chair at the partially renovated Mill, he made an escape attempt, only to be stymied by Jimmy.

But as Jimmy pushed his captive back down onto his chair, Rakesh ended up careering through a first-floor window and down onto the building site below.

As Priya rushed to the scene, she was quick to phone an ambulance for her bloodied husband, as Jimmy and Nicola looked on in dread.

With Nico having hoped that Jimmy would man up and take decisive action against the unscrupulous Rakesh, she surely can’t have bargained for this misfiring attempt at revenge?

Viewers will now have to wait until tomorrow to find out if Rakesh is going to pull through – or whether Jimmy will now have blood on his hands…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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