Home and Away: Justin is stabbed – plus a serial arsonist causes big trouble

6-10 March 2017: And Billie gets some unpleasant news, but has more urgent problems when her water breaks


Monday 6 March


The Morgans pull together to help Raffy get through Decker’s funeral. Tori is invited to a conference in Hobart, but is reluctant to accept. Ash is hauled in for questioning about the fire at the garage, but Kat assures him that she believes in his innocence. Justin has a surprising visitor. An explosion echoes across the bay as the Salt van is set alight. 

Tuesday 7 March

Nina is reluctant to allow Justin access to Ava, but finally agrees after Tori intercedes on his behalf. Kat investigates the spate of fires, trying to find a link between them. Irene and Leah are shocked to learn that Mick has been released from the psychiatric facility. Tori leaves for her conference, but is inter- cepted on her way to the airport. 

Wednesday 8 March

When Billie reacts badly to the news of Mick’s release, VJ finally realises who fathered her baby. Evelyn is frustrated by Phoebe’s lack of attention to preparations for the festival, but Justin is on hand to help out. McCarthy tells Kat to stop investigating the fires. Tori is kidnapped and taken to a warehouse, where she is joined by Ranae. 

Thursday 9 March

The Summer Grooves festival opens with a special guest, as celebrity singer Jessica Mauboy takes the stage. Justin and Phoebe share an intimate moment. It is exam result time for Olivia and Hunter. Irene has a nasty scare at the Beach House. The arsonist is ready to strike again. Justin gets a call from Ranae on Tori’s phone and leaves in a hurry. 


Friday 10 March

Billie reveals the full extent of her deception to VJ, just as her labour pains begin. They set off for the hospital, but the car breaks down en route. Justin tries to come to Tori’s rescue, but is captured by Ranae’s gang and stabbed when he tries to escape. As the town parties at the festival, a fire breaks out in the park.