Coronation Street: Michelle tells Steve she wants a divorce, reveals Simon Gregson

"She wants to take him for half of everything," reveals the Corrie star


The bombshells are to keep coming on Coronation Street next week in the wake of Steve’s rash admission that he is the father of Leanne’s baby.


Tonight’s double bill of the soap saw Michelle left reeling after discovering the extent of her husband’s betrayal. And Corrie fans can expect the McDonalds’ marriage to take another battering when Michelle barricades herself in at the Rovers before deciding to permanently split from Steve.

“Steve loves Michelle and desperately wants to get her back but he realises just how difficult this is going to be when he and Liz find themselves locked out of the Rovers,” says Simon Gregson. “Michelle tells him she wants a divorce and she wants to take him for half of everything. He has to call the police to get into his own pub – it is going to get very messy for him.”


All of which begs the question: is Steve going to regret telling Michelle about fathering baby Oliver? “I think his only only regret will be the way it happened and the people that have been hurt because of his actions,” adds the actor. “Deep down, he feels he has done the right thing by his son. He couldn’t live with the guilt any more and he just wanted to be honest and not have any more lies.”

This evening’s drama was, of course, textbook Steve. Never one to face facts head on, he’ll inevitably try to dissemble and conceal until the whole thing blows up in his face. Hence Steve blurting out the truth in front of a party packed with various Platts, Leanne and his own unsuspecting wife. Just how does he get himself into these situations?

“It is typical Steve – he doesn’t do anything by halves. He acts first and thinks later and that’s why he always finds himself in the middle of a mess of his own making. He should have come clean at the very beginning about Leanne and then he might have had a chance of seeing things through with Michelle, but it’s too late now.”


And if it really is too late for Steve and Michelle, then surely she may well end up seeking solace with Bistro co-owner Robert, in whose arms she only recently very nearly ended up? Just how would Steve feel if Michelle once again turned to Robert for comfort?

“He would be devastated – he loves Michelle to bits and the thought of anyone else touching her would drive him wild.”

The trouble is, Steve might not have any say in the matter should that divorce come through. As sad as it would be, this really could be it for the McDonalds…

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