Emmerdale: Chrissie targets Ronnie – but is she right to be suspicious?

Has the White witch got her dad’s partner arrested out of pure spite?


More mistrust at the White house in Emmerdale next week as Chrissie reckons Ronnie is up to no good.


Convinced her dad’s partner is not to be trusted, Chrissie’s suspicions appear to be true when she spies Ronnie on CCTV handing over an envelope to a mysterious younger man. Sharing her discovery with sister Rebecca, she vows to get to the bottom of it.

The next day, Lawrence gets angry when his daughter confronts Ronnie and demands she drop it, but the fact he then reveals he’s changing his will in Thursday’s episode only increases Chrissie’s mistrust of Mr Hale.


When a digger goes missing, Chrissie becomes utterly convinced she’s right about Ronnie being a wrong’un… so it’s unlikely to be a huge coincidence when the cops rock up and ask Ronnie to ‘help with their inquiries’, shoving him into a police car.

But when the truth is revealed, will it turn out Chrissie has jumped to the wrong conclusion? Could her crusade against her father’s fella backfire in spectacular fashion for conniving Chrissie? 

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