Coronation Street: Kevin and Anna to sue David?

Michael Le Vell reveals how Kevin plans to ease his money worries


Kevin Webster’s financial situation has worsened alarmingly quickly in recent times. He’s lost the garage and large sums of money since becoming Phelan’s latest target, and he also stands to lose close friends. Next week in Coronation Street, Kevin will attempt to claw back some cash by proposing to sue David Platt for the injuries he caused Anna. He’ll also get an offer of help from an unexpected source. But is Anna comfortable with his plan?


Michael Le Vell, the actor who plays Kevin, describes how his character got into the financial mess he’s currently facing: “Everything was going really well for Kevin. His business had grown, he had two garages. Then he gets a phone call out of the blue to say Sophie’s poorly in America and she has no holiday insurance so her operation is going to cost £15,000. There’s also the theft of his new truck, which he paid £15,000 for. Then the garage burns down and it turns out not to be insured because the insurance company think it’s arson. It’s one thing on top of another, on top of another.”

In next week’s episodes, Kevin is livid when he hears (in a horrible twist of irony) that Tyrone has employed Phelan to repair the burnt out garage. Le Vell explains: “Initially there was no problem between Kevin and Phelan. Then he found out what Phelan had done to Anna. He knows he’s a nasty piece of work but he doesn’t think he’d be so devious as to steal the truck and get the garage burnt down. Kevin hasn’t got a clue that Phelan’s behind any of it.”

To add insult to injury, Tyrone also makes it clear that he still blames Kevin for what has happened to the busies – an accusation that sees the pair coming to blows. The following day, Kevin admits to Anna that he did lose his rag and punch Tyrone. Le Vell explains how Tyrone and Kevin’s friendship is faring under pressure: “It’s strained, only because he wasn’t honest about the insurance, and also because he had to dip into some cash from the garage to pay for Sophie’s medical bill. Tyrone and his family are already struggling and now everyone is feeling the knock-on effect from it all.”

Anna is more determined than ever to get back to work and do her bit to provide, especially now they’re in such dire financial straits. But Kevin comes up with a plan which would solve all of their money troubles in one fell swoop. He proposes to Anna that they should sue David Platt and get compensation for the horrific injuries he inflicted.

Le Vell gives an insight into Kevin’s motivation: “It’s not a cunning plan. He just overhears a conversation in the Rovers and thinks it’s what Anna is due. David should have been insured so his insurance should have paid out for Anna’s injury anyway. It’s not so much Kevin going after David. It’s what they should have been paid out for a very serious accident, which anyone would expect. It’s just going after what’s rightfully theirs. That’s why people have insurance, for accidents.”

Anna, though, isn’t so sure about the idea. Later, she cautiously asks Adam how one goes about a personal injury claim and is uneasy when he suggests she might have to take photographs of her injuries. Le Vell adds: “Anna doesn’t want to relive the horrors of it all and she shouldn’t have to really, if it’s just an insurance claim. She’s in a fragile state of mind from the accident and feeling vulnerable. What she went through was very traumatic.”

By the end of the week, Kevin is under fire again from Tyrone. Laying down the law, he tells him that if they want to turn the business around he will have to fire someone. “Kevin thinks it should be Freddie as he was last in, so last in first out”, says Le Vell. “But Tyrone thinks it’s all Kevin’s doing so he should get rid of Sophie.” Kevin is horrified by Tyrone’s suggestion.

With so much going on, does Le Vell think that his character’s relationship with Anna will survive? “The accident and the financial mess they’re in have both put a strain on the relationship but I think they’ll be OK. Kevin wants to spare her from any more stress where he can. I see them together in the future, yeah. I think they will get over it.”

As for his involvement in the Phelan storyline which has caused Kevin so much stress, Le Vell says: “I’m loving it, actually. It’s brought more variety for me and it’s nice to have a bit of a change. You get ‘aggressive Kev’ or ‘daddy Kev’ and now this. It’s nice to have these different sides to him. Kevin has got to find out what Phelan’s done at some point. It just depends what else Phelan does with the rest of the residents of the street in the meantime, and what he gets away with”.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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