Coronation Street: Maria gets a 12-month prison sentence!

"I don't think she'll come out the same person," says Samia Longchambon


Beleaguered Maria Connor looks set to spend Christmas (and most of 2017) behind bars after being handed a 12-month prison sentence in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street.


Scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap saw Maria bid her son Liam a teary farewell before heading to court to discover her fate following the exposure of her sham marriage to Pablo.

Despite her guilty plea and previously clean criminal record, the judge in the case said that she felt obliged to send to a clear message to those seeking to circumvent immigration law. Maria was then left shocked and emotional after being told that her sentence in prison was to last for a year.


Asked recently whether Maria will cope in jail, actress Samia Longchambon said: “She won’t cope at all! I keep saying that she’d come out with a tattoo of someone’s name on her chest or a teardrop inked onto her face!”

As to whether prison will change Maria, the Corrie star added: “I don’t think she’ll come out the same person. I think it’s bound to change her in some way.”


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