Coronation Street: Adam to steal Underworld from Aidan?

It's Barlows v Connors at the start of 2017 - but who will get the factory?


Are the Barlow boys set steal Underworld away from the Connor clan? A new Coronation Street storyline will find the future of the factory put in jeopardy after Adam stakes a claim on the business – but how will Aidan react to the takeover bid?


Upcoming scenes see Adam find out from Peter how he once owned 50 per cent of Underworld but gave it back in return for nothing. The cogs whirring, Adam is soon coming up with a plan to sue the Connors and take back what he feels should be his and Peter’s.

Over at the factory, Johnny is considering retiring, but Aidan isn’t going to back down so easily. In the episode to be broadcast on Monday 2 January, Aidan shoves Adam up against a wall and tells him he’ll do everything in his power to stop him getting his hands on the business.

But expect events to take a fresh twist later in the week when Aidan receives a visit from the police, who tell him that they’ve had a complaint about his threatening behaviour towards Adam.

With the Barlows upping the ante when it comes to getting what they want, will Aidan be left on the back foot? And is the set-up at Underworld destined to look very different as a result of the power play?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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