Coronation Street: Mary’s son Jude to arrive at Christmas

But will Mary decide to live in South Africa with him?


Mary Taylor’s long-lost son Jude Appleton will arrive in Coronation Street on Christmas Day.


Viewers of the ITV soap tonight learnt that Mary gave birth to a son when she was aged just 14 years old, after being raped by a so-called family friend.

Having given the baby up, Mary has not seen her boy since. But Corrie fans won’t have long to wait until they meet Jude because we’ll be making his acquaintance on Christmas Day.

Jude (played by Paddy Wallace) arrives unexpectedly in Weatherfield just as Mary is eating her Christmas dinner in the cafe with Norris, Brian and Roy.

Mary’s son then shows her a photograph of himself as a baby and assures her he had a happy childhood – all of which leaves Mary deeply moved.

Eventually, Mary plucks up the courage to tell Jude about his father, but will she be able to bring herself to reveal the truth?

However, a further twist comes when Jude suggests that Mary should move to South Africa and live with him and his wife. Mary’s stunned – but how will she reply? Is one of the Street’s best-loved characters about to exit for a new life overseas?

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