Emmerdale: Frank gets a beating!

The past comes back to haunt Santa’s little helper - will he give in to blackmail?


Frank Clayton got a nasty shock when Bobby, a mysterious figure from his past, turned up out of the blue recently. And next week in Emmerdale, Bobby’s back and making threats against Frank. An upcoming storyline will see him having to choose between betraying Tracy and David or facing Bobby’s wrath – all while dressed as a Christmas elf!


Frank’s week doesn’t get off to a good start when Megan is hostile towards him and keeps her distance. On the plus side, he tells Tracy and Vanessa that he knows someone who can get David a birthday skydiving experience at a discounted price.

When Pollard lets slip that plans for a skydive are in the works, David tells Frank and Tracy that he would rather raise money for his cancer ward for his birthday. Now that the skydive has been dismissed, Frank is keen to help however he can, and comes up with a fundraising idea.


He dresses up in a rather fetching elf outfit and encourages people to make a charity donation to pie him in the face. It’s all fun and games until, unbeknownst to Frank, Bobby gets off the bus.


Spinning a story about being a local reporter, Bobby persuades Tracy to give an interview about her dad. He coaxes as much information out of her as possible so he can use it as ammunition against Frank later.


When he finds Frank, he threatens him, warning that he will ruin his life unless he gets money to him by that afternoon. Soon after, Tracy comes in with a massive charity donation from Lawrence. The money has landed in his lap, but will Frank take it?

At the last minute, after battling with his conscience, he decides to leave the money. He turns up to meet Bobby empty handed and gets a nasty beating, but is that the end of it?


Will this be enough to make Bobby leave him alone? Or are the extortion attempts set to continue?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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