Emmerdale: April to jeopardise Marlon and Carly’s relationship?

Will she unwittingly create tension for the pair?


It may be an unlikely pairing, but viewers are certainly rooting for Marlon Dingle and Carly Hope as a couple. Marlon’s daughter April was instrumental in getting the pair together – they became close when Carly was her child-minder – and next week in Emmerdale, the cheeky little scamp will do her best to engineer the couple moving in together!


When April tells Marlon that Carly said she wants to move in, Marlon has a freak out. He seeks advice from best mate Paddy, who tells him to be honest with Carly.


Meanwhile, April’s machinations go one step further when she sits down with Carly to show her a letter to Santa. She says that Marlon’s one wish is for her to move in with them.


But are the couple ready to move in together? Will April’s plan succeed or has she just created an awkward situation?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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