Emmerdale: has Chrissie killed Rebecca? Here’s what happens next!

Does Chrissie have blood on her hands following tonight's fight?


Emmerdale’s Chrissie White is definitely someone with whom you shouldn’t mess. Just ask her sister Rebecca. Well, you could ask her if Rebecca wasn’t currently lying on the ground having cracked her head on a ledge during a fight with the woman in question. So is Rebecca dead as a result of the showdown?


Tonight’s episode of the ITV soap saw the two siblings come to blows after Rebecca found the vase that Chrissie used to frame Andy for the crime of shooting Lawrence. As we all know, it was Lachlan who was responsible for the crime, but Chrissie has thus far helped to cover up her son’s guilt.


This evening, though, Rebecca tried to convince Chrissie to take the rap for Lachlan, a move that would allow Andy to clear his name. But with Rebecca refusing to hand over the vase, it wasn’t long before a fight broke out – the climax to which saw Rebecca injured, perhaps fatally.

Well, no, as it happens. Because Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale will see a bloodied Rebecca show up at the Home Farm bonfire, just as Chrissie is trying to hide the vase. No longer in a mood to negotiate, Rebecca tells everyone how Chrissie knocked her out and announces she framed Andy for shooting Lawrence.


By Wednesday, the police have arrived to question the Whites and Lachlan pretends that he was merely fishing his phone out of the stream where the vase had lain hidden. But he, Lawrence and Chrissie are alarmed to learn that there’s mobile footage of him…


But the police’s questions are nothing compared to the rage of Diane Sudden. Prepare for sparks to fly when she rages round to Home Farm and accuses them of a cover-up where Andy is concerned. This is certainly one emotive issue that isn’t going to go away anytime soon.


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