Neighbours: Lou is back from Brisbane! Plus Steph and Mark are rocked by a baby shock

7-11 November 2016: Plus Jack finds abusive graffiti directed at him


Monday 7 November


Xanthe signals that she is open to rebuilding her relationship with Brooke. Lauren is caught by surprise when Lou and Kathy arrive from Brisbane. Terese is jealous when Gary grows closer to his ex. Karl and Paul buy expensive gifts for their loved ones. 

Tuesday 8 November

It is egg collection day for Steph and Mark, but while everyone tries to manage their expectations, they are stunned by news that changes everything. Lou and Kathy awkwardly discuss their night of romance. Brooke’s jealousy is aroused when she hears of Terese sniffing around Gary. 

Wednesday 9 November

Mark and Steph receive crippling news regarding their possible future as a family. Angus makes a music video featuring the budding love and sexual tensions in Ramsay Street. Leo digs through Terese’s paperwork to find information about the Men’s Shed but stumbles on more than he bargained for. 

Thursday 10 November

Mark is willing to consider Sonya’s offer of donating an egg as well as being the surrogate. Leo is determined to track down the mysterious Maxine Cowper. A Blaze Outreach kid drops out of the programme because he has an issue with the involvement of Catholic priests. 


Friday 11 November

Paige is determined to help Jack figure out who graffitied the Blaze Outreach building. Steph and Toadie struggle to come to terms with Sonya’s egg donation offer. Elly becomes worried about the type of company Angus wants to keep at music college.