Coronation Street: Is love in the air for Alex and Gemma?

The pair get closer after Gemma admits she’s been sleeping in the kebab shop!


Gemma Winter has been trying to distance herself from the Eccleston Estate where she grew up with now-deceased mate Kylie, but next week in Coronation Street, it emerges that she’s been sleeping in the kebab shop instead of going back home.


Fearing for her life if she were to set foot on the estate, she’s been getting some kip at Prima Doner and finally confides in friend Alex.


Meanwhile, Roy asks Alex to be best man at his upcoming wedding to Cathy. An ecstatic Alex accepts and says he’ll be bringing a date. Later in the week Roy and Cathy will be surprised to return home to find Gemma in a towel.


She’s had a shower at their place but Alex quickly covers for her and keeps her accommodation arrangements a secret. He tells Roy and Cathy he wants to bring Gemma to the wedding as well as Nessa.


But how long can Gemma keep up the charade and hide the fact that the kebab shop has become her abode? And will we see romance blossom between her and Alex? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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