Coronation Street: Peter makes a mysterious call – but who’s on the other end of the line? Watch the scene

Get a sneak peek of actor Chris Gascoyne making his Corrie comeback


Peter Barlow is back and he’s got a big secret! Yes, Ken’s errant son will be making a comeback to Weatherfield during Monday’s double bill of Coronation Street, but what’s he hiding?


Viewers will see Peter rock up at No 1 Coronation Street just as Ken is about to leave on a trip around Europe. But duplicity and Peter have always gone hand in hand – and it’ll come as no surprise to see that as soon as Ken is out of earshot, everyone’s favourite alcoholic bookmaker is making a shifty phone call…

Speaking recently about his return to Corrie, actor Chris Gascoyne said: “Peter’s telling everybody that he’s been sacked from crewing the ships because he’s had a fall out with this guy. And that’s possibly true, but it’s not the real reason…” All very intriguing!

You can watch the scene from Monday’s episode below. Beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Coronation Street.


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