Emmerdale: do Tracy and David get married? Amy Walsh reveals all

"It's the most stressed that you've ever seen Tracy," reveals the actress


It’s a soapland tradition: weddings never go to plan. So don’t expect things to be any different on next week’s Emmerdale when Tracy and David try to tie the knot. Last-minute hitches: check. Dress covered in mud: check. But a kidnap attempt? Well, that’s something new…


“Yes, it’s the ultimate stress. It’s the most stressed that you’ve ever seen her. She loses her temper quite a lot,” says actress Amy Walsh, who plays the bride to be. “She’s in panic mode – David thinks she might not turn up and that scares her.”


Viewers will see Tracy snatched by ne’er-do-well dad Frank (Michael Praed), who is desperate to prove his affections for his daughter. His plan is to show her a tree on which he carved Tracy’s name following her birth, but the rash move puts Tracy in danger of missing her nuptials.

RadioTimes.com was on set to see Tracy giving Frank hell for jeopardising her big moment, but behind the scenes, Walsh couldn’t be happier with Praed landing the role of her on-screen father.

“When I heard that he was coming on to the show, I got very excited. Especially after I googled him and saw his pictures. Then I realised that they were taken 30 years ago! No, honestly, he’s lovely and it’s quite an honour to be playing his daughter. I’m learning a lot from him already.”


The upcoming episodes will also give the actress her most high profile scenes since joining the soap two years ago and comes at the climax of an emotive storyline that has seen Tracy win the heart of David while he went through chemotherapy treatment for testicular cancer. But is Walsh upset that Tracy’s wedding is to be marred by abduction and mud?

“Well, the make-up department is! It would have been nice to see her as a beautiful blushing bride. But I guess it’s more interesting to see her otherwise.”

And is she getting recognised more by the public now that Tracy has become more visible in village life? “Yes. For a while, I was getting ‘you’re the one who’s seeing the guy who just had his ball chopped off’. Then for a week, I got ‘you’re the one who just said no to David’s proposal’. So god knows what I’ll get next. Probably, ‘you’re the one who got covered in mud on her wedding day’.”

So as Tracy faces a rocky road to the altar (complete with submerged cars and ruined frocks), does Walsh think that the future looks equally shaky for her character’s marriage to David? “God knows. If this day’s anything to go by, it’s going to be up and down. I kind of hope they get to be happy together for a little while, but it’s quite fun watching their rollercoaster too.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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