Emmerdale: Belle’s pregnancy lie exposed!

The truth came out and Belle did a runner in tonight’s episodes


Belle Dingle’s baby deception was uncovered by Jermaine’s ex tonight on Emmerdale. The episode began with Belle adamant that boyfriend Jermaine shouldn’t come to the scan with her, which he interprets as nervousness about the new baby.


Later, Belle meets Jermaine in The Woolpack and interrupts him arguing with estranged wife Angie who, to add insult to injury, suffered several miscarriages during their marriage. She lies and tells ex-doctor Jermaine that the scan was brought forward before producing a scan picture. Unbeknownst to him, it is an old scan of Charity’s son Noah. 


Angie goes into the pub toilets at the very same moment that Belle is in there talking to alter-ego Ellie, the malicious voice in her head, saying “I’ve done it. They believe the scan. I’ve had to lie and lie.” 

Angie overhears everything and as the Dingles make a celebratory toast to the new baby she bursts in and exclaims, ‘A bit premature, I’m afraid. Belle’s not even pregnant.” Faced with intense questioning and with Ellie in her ear telling her to run, Belle does precisely that.


After stumbling into the mums and babies club in the café she breaks down, with Ellie screaming at her, and in dramatic scenes sobs into the arms of mum Lisa. As it becomes clear that Belle is suffering from mental health problems again, the Dingles pull together and call an ambulance but she runs off again before it arrives.


Speaking to Inside Soap, actor Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle, said: “She’s completely involved with Ellie- she’s been taken over by this girl. When she suffered psychosis before, it was dealt with quickly, but this time it’s so intense- Belle doesn’t know what to do or even who she is anymore”.

With Belle’s fragile mental state leaving her vulnerable, how will she cope out on the streets alone? And will she be found?

Emmerdale returns on Friday at 7pm.

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