Ex-EastEnders star Pam St Clement joins Casualty for its 30th anniversary episode

The actress's scenes will be broadcast later this month in the medical drama's spectacular birthday instalment


Former EastEnders star Pam St Clement has taken on a guest role in the 30th anniversary episode of BBC1 medical drama Casualty.


St Clement – who recently reprised the part of Pat Butcher for Barbara Windsor’s last episode of EastEnders – will next be seen as crotchety patient Sally Hodge in the emergency department at Holby.

Speaking about the upcoming drama, which will be shown on 27 August, the actress said: “Put it this way, if Sally was walking down the same street as Pat Butcher, Pat would neatly sidestep on to the opposite pavement.

“She’s an unfortunate woman because of her emotional baggage and she doesn’t always come over as being very nice. But it was a nice complicated character to play – very condensed.”

St Clement also revealed to the Mirror that she’d be sharing much of her screen time with show stalwart Derek Thompson, who plays nurse Charlie Fairhead: “Most of the scenes I had were with Derek Thompson and with a bit of luck we absolutely clicked.”


Casualty recently released a new promo that hinted at medical mayhem ahead as Charlie’s own three-decade anniversary on the wards goes awry in spectacular style. St Clement promised that fans won’t be left disappointed, noting that “the effects they have are absolutely fantastic”.