The guy who sang the Pokémon theme tune 20 years ago is still rocking out

Nostalgia overload


A quick wander through a central London park and you’ll leave convinced that everyone with a smart phone is playing Pokémon Go. Whether or not that is strictly true, it’s clear that in 2016 Pokemon fans are in their element. Finally, in-depth knowledge of breeds, generations and evolutions is not only useful but highly coveted.


One man who is also relishing the return of our Pokemon obsession is Jason Paige, the guy who sang the original Pokémon theme tune – THE beloved 90s kids anthem – almost 20 years ago. 

He is, in fact, still singing it. With as much awesome enthusiasm as a 29-year-old hunting a Pikachu on their way to work. 

All together now…


? Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all, it’s you and me, I know it’s my destiny…?