Chris Evans quits Top Gear, Twitter reacts

Basically, everyone made lots of Brexit jokes...


Chris Evans has quit Top Gear.


Ratings had been pretty dismal, but still – it was a bit of a shock.

And the biggest resignation since, well, this morning. And lots of people on Twitter made the obvious Nigel Farage jokes… 

… and Johnson

Before our attention turned to Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. 

And Matt LeBlanc, who looks set to remain on the show

I mean, we could float the idea of Captain America on Top Gear to the BBC…

Meanwhile, some are getting nostalgic

Lord Sugar is not impressed…

Indeed, some would have liked to see take more time with it

And a chance to be on the air without Euro 2016 dominating the schedules

Hey, there might be a compliment in here somewhere

This Spice Girls-themed tweet might win the day.


Meanwhile, we’ll leave you with the fact that ‘Crexit’ is now becoming a thing