EastEnders: watch Bobby and Jane’s deadly showdown in new trailer

Lucy's killer will strike again later this week


EastEnders fans – if you thought this week’s drama ended with Peggy taking her own life, then you’ve got another thing coming.


Devil child Bobby Beale is to lash out again and Jane should definitely be on the look out for any sign of an incoming hockey stick!

Yes, Walford’s pint-sized killer is lashing out once more and his poor mum looks set to be his next victim. Not content with smashing up her car, Bobby is going to lose his temper big style by Friday.


Elsewhere in the Square, we also have Stacey and Martin’s wedding day arriving. But it looks like the bride to be is having second thoughts about going through with the ceremony following the death of Mitchell matriarch Peggy…

You can watch the trailer below. Beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on EastEnders.


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