Home and Away: Dylan and Kat give in to their passion, while Matt becomes a murder suspect

9-13 May 2016: Plus Zac returns home from prison, but is he hiding something?


Monday 9 May


Hannah returns home from hospital but is struggling to adjust to life after her double mastectomy. Irene starts to come to terms with the fact that Claire is not her daughter and tells Roo that she is seeing a counsellor to help her deal with it. Olivia and Hunter make amends, only for Lindsay to shake things up yet again. 

Tuesday 10 May

Zac is distant with his family after being released from prison and Leah struggles to know how to help him. Lindsay pays a hot guy to make a move on Olivia and takes a photo which she uploads to the internet. Skye recognises her self-worth despite her unrequited feelings for Oscar. 

Wednesday 11 May

Zac finally tells Leah that he was caught in a prison fight and got stabbed. The lines of professionalism are blurred when Dylan and Kat give in to temptation, but she insists that no one can find out. When a sex tape of Matt and Charlotte is published, Matt is taken in for questioning as a murder suspect. 

Thursday 12 May

Dylan’s tough approach to questioning Matt leaves Kat torn, and leads Alf to lambast him for dragging so many innocent people through the mud. Phoebe busies herself with the fundraiser, without the help of a preoccupied Ash. Kyle tracks down Isla but is shocked to find her working in a brothel. 


Friday 13 May

Ash goes to to meet an old prison buddy, but his disappointment at being stood up is short- lived when a barmaid starts flirting with him. Isla and Kyle return home where things between them soon heat up. Hannah lashes out at the guests at the fundraiser.