Neighbours ‘Hotel Death Trap’ Week – which characters are being killed off?

Josh, Daniel and Toadie are all caught up in the upcoming blast - will any of them die?


Neighbours has released new images from the upcoming Lassiter’s explosion that looks set to claim the lives of at least two regular characters.


A week of special episodes begins on Monday 4 April, with Channel 5 set to air a pivotal hour-long instalment at 10pm that show bosses are promising will feature “one of the most emotional and moving death scenes since Harold lost his beloved Madge”.

The Australian soap will feature a number of cliffhangers that aim to keep viewers guessing as to whose lives are in jeopardy, although new pictures show Josh Willis and Daniel Robinson trapped under a fallen beam.

Separate shots show Toadie caught in a hotel room underneath rubble, while Paige is also caught up in the blast while in the company of a mystery man. Karl can also be glimpsed carrying Sarah from the explosion site, much to Susan’s horror.

In the run-up to the detonation, viewers will see someone up to no good in the hotel’s boiler room, which will eventually explode, trapping Erinsborough residents and guests beneath the complex.

Fans will then be kept guessing as to who the culprit is, with the ensuing months set to feature a whodunnit complete with a number of red herrings.

The stunt-laden storyline also coincides with the arrival of two surprise returns to the show – as well as the unveiling of a couple of mystery strangers! So let the carnage commence…


Neighbours airs Monday-Friday on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.