Emmerdale: Rhona to find out about Paddy and Tess’s affair, reveals Zoe Henry

Expect "anger and fury" when the penny drops for Rhona in next week's episodes


Betrayed Rhona Goskirk is to be left aghast and filled with fury when she discovers that husband Paddy Kirk has been cheating with teaching assistant Tess Harris.


“It’s shock and disbelief and a feeling of losing control,” says Zoe Henry of Rhona’s reaction in next week’s episodes. “Everything she thought was solid has just disintegrated. And then she starts to feel anger and fury because this affects not only their son but also the child they were about to adopt.”

Viewers should brace themselves for tense scenes when the penny finally drops for Rhona after she grows increasingly suspicious of Paddy’s increasingly erratic behaviour.

After he misdiagnoses an illness with one of James’s cows, Rhona sits Paddy down and tries to get to the bottom of what’s going on, only to suddenly realise that he’s secretly been seeing Tess. 

“It’s a double betrayal,” adds Henry. “Rhona really did like Tess. She thought she was a great human being and brilliant with Leo. So she now can’t stand the thought of Tess being near him. She’s horrified. In fact, she’d rather Paddy had been having an affair with a stranger. For his part, Paddy is enormously relieved that the truth is out there, but terrified that he’s probably just lost his wife.”


But a further twist to the story comes when Rhona opts not to show Paddy the door, but instead decides to present a united front to their nearest and dearest in a bid to save the adoption they’d been planning.

“She tries to pretend that everything is OK with the adoption to lessen the pain of what she’s going through. As an outsider it sounds insane, but I can understand why she does it. To do anything else would be too painful. But if Rhona was my friend, I’d be advising her to have some space from Paddy. She needs time away.”

But does the actress hope that the pair can make it through this latest drama? “From a personal point of view, I’d like them to say together because I like working with Dominic Brunt so much. And I love Paddy and Rhona together. But it’s probably going to be a long road. There are lots more twists to come.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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