Coronation Street: abusive Simon is arrested after Leanne calls the police

Simon gets taken in for questioning after breaking the leg of a fellow football player


Distraught mum Leanne is to report Simon to the police next week after he lashes out on the football pitch and breaks the leg of a fellow player.


Leanne is to make the tough decision when Simon admits to Zeedan that he committed the foul on purpose because he got angry.


An anguished Leanne knows only too well that Simon is more than capable of physical violence, having herself endured attacks at the hands of her adoptive son.

“Leanne realises that things have gone too far and if he is starting to lash out at other people. She needs to do something about it,” says actress Jane Danson. “It’s one thing her having to deal with his anger issues, but she knows that if things are going to start happening at school, then there is a whole world of problems ahead for him unless she nips it in the bud now.”


Upcoming scenes will see Leanne tell officers not only about Simon’s bad sportsmanship, but also the details of the private hell she’s endured these past months.

Adds Danson: “She goes to the police station first by herself and tells them about him attacking her and that she now knows he has broken the leg of another player in his football team. It’s the hardest thing she has ever had to do but she feels she has been left with no choice.

“She breaks down when she leaves the police station. And the worst thing is she doesn’t have time to tell Simon what she’s done before he opens the door to the police officers. He’s terrified and can’t believe his mum has done this to him.”


At the station, Simon finally admits that he sometimes sees red and can’t stop himself from lashing out. But after being released pending an investigation, Simon refuses to speak to Leanne and asks Ken if he can stay with him.

Yet despite the situation looking bleak, Danson has hopes that Leanne’s actions will eventually lead to a reconciliation between her and Simon.

“I’d like to hope this is the beginning of the final chapter of this story – it’s been such a difficult time for them both and maybe it needed to get to this stage for them to turn it around and get their relationship back on track. It’s certainly a shock for them both.”

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